Thursday, 14 November 2013

Best Hair Product....EVER!

Alterna Caviar RepairX Microbead treatment Masque

Hi Beauties!

I've stumbled across what I think to be the best hair product I've ever tried.
A brand called Alterna has a large range of luxury products to give high performance haircare.
Ranges that includes natural & proven products such as Bamboo, Caviar, Seasilk & Kendi Oil ooze luxury & also are free from parabens, sulphates an other additives that are unneccessary & can be harmful.

This creamy consistency masque repairs very deep & contains water activated micro-beads filled with strand building proteins.
It restructures hair by filling in the gaps & tears & smooths the cuticle layer, therefore making hair smoother & shiner.
It also is clinically proven to reduce breakage by a whooping 95% which is amazing.
A test was done and a staggering 90% of women that tried the masque, said their hair was repaired within one treatment.

Micro beads of strand building protein

The little beads remind me of when I was a child & the little silver balls you used to put on cakes!
But they are in fact small micro beads that release the protein when you apply it to your wet hair.
I use the product once a week & makes my hair amazing, I've never used a product like it.
My hair automatically feels softer & shiner, usually when its washed I have a bit of trouble brushing my hair through to dry it but not after using this. Below is some photos of my hair the day after I've used the masque.

It's an International product & retails in the UK for £42.95 for 150ml.
 I'm now a huge fan of the Alterna range & would recommend it to everyone.

My hair after using the treatment

Love Laura xxx


Jennifer cheetham said...

Ooh this looks great! Never heard of it before! I'm loving the Macadamia Deep Repair atm :)

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