Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How Makeup Can Cause Premature Ageing

The importance of removing your Makeup every night!

Hi Beauties!

So since I was around 13 I've been obsessed with skincare and Makeup, & have religiously removed my makeup at night time & am sooooo pleased I have after seeing this!
A lady volunteered to leave her full face of makeup for a month to see what the results would be & the effects on her skin and it is very shocking.

A medical skin test was taken at a 3D cosmetic imaging studio, on Harley Street in London.
Features like pigmentation, broken veins & wrinkles were shown.
After a month of constantly keeping makeup on every night and not using a cleansing routine, the lady returned to the clinic to find out the damage done.
The camera showed the skin surface was 10% worse on the left side of the face & 20% on the right, this was due to which side she slept on. Pores were 5% larger in size.
The experts determined that in just a month, the lady had aged her skin by almost a DECADE!!!!
Luckily as it was only four weeks no permanent damage would be done and if a normal cleansing routine resumed, the skin would improve.
This would definitely make me think twice from now on if I didn't remove my makeup!


Love Laura xxx


Victoria Crawley said...

Thats terrifying that the ladys skin ages by almost a decade! :| I am so glad that i religiously take off my makeup every night without fail, don't know how anybody can sleep with it on! :o xxx

True Beauty Blog said...

I know scary isn't it!

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