Friday, 27 December 2013

Get Rid of Tired Eyes

Anatomicals Wake-up under eye patches

Hi Beauties!

I've been a little quiet for the past week but it's because I've been enjoying a little bit of time off with my family to celebrate Christmas, which was lovely.
I had a night out last Saturday with a group of friends so was a little tired on sunday and thought it was a perfect time to try out these 'Puffy the eye bag slayer' wakeup eye patches!
I did laugh to myself, as I was always a fan of Buffy. They combat puffiness, dark circles, prevent signs of under eye aging & also contain moisturising agents.

I enjoyed a nice relaxing bath & placed a patch under each eye for 30 minutes as suggested.
In my opinion my eyes aren't to bad, (I hope!) but I did notice a little darkness and slight bag under them after my heavy night but after using the patches, these were dramatically reduced and I thought they had faded altogether.

The patches can be purchased through Anatomicals, ASOS or Amazon for £6 or under & you get 3 lots of patches in each pack.

Love Laura xxx


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