Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bring your hair back to life with Batiste

Pretty & Opulent oriental Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hi Beauties!

I've never used Dry shampoo before, I've always had a tin of it to take in my bags to festivals but never got round to trying it out as I usually just put my hair up to be honest.
Batiste are always bringing out different scented sprays and this one has a lovely smell to it, like fresh orchid flowers and comes in a pretty purple and pink floral 200ml tin.  It's only £2.99 as well, which is a bonus and is available from Boots

My hair was beginning to look a bit ratty so I lifted the hair at the roots & gave it a quick spray.
It instantly revived it, I wouldn't go as far as freshly washed but definitely improved the appearance.
It's so easy, you basically just spray and your done, only takes a minute then you finish by brushing it all through & your hair will look fab!

Before Batiste

 After Batiste       

Love Laura xxx


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