Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Create perfect eyeshadow with Urban Decay & Nanshy brushes

My top 2 brushes for perfecting beautiful eyeshadow looks

Hi Beauties!

I get asked alot how to do eyeshadow and smokey eyes & I always tell people the most important things you need are brushes.
In my opinion your never going to be able to create fabulous eye makeup with a sponge applicator that often comes with shadows.
My 2 favourite brushes for creating smokey eyes and blending colours is the tapered crease brush from Nanshy & also the shader brush from Urban Decay.

Both brushes are really nice sizes, quite petite but good quality and definitely a must in my collection.
The first brush by Nanshy, which is only available as part of a complete brush set for the eyes for £29.95 from Beauty Store 4u, but well worth it,  is the tapered crease brush and is for adding colour into the crease of your eye or to the outer eye. I love Nanshy brushes, they are cruelty free and super soft and I use this set on a daily basis to create my different eye makeup looks.

Then the second brush by Urban Decay, £14.50 & available from Beauty Bay or House of Fraser. This is for shading the colours to blend them together, so you have no harsh lines. This range is also cruelty free and again made from very soft materials. Although the nanshy set has a blender brush in, I much prefer this one to really blend the colours together because of the flat tip.

I used a Sephora eye palette to create this look & as you can see from the photos above the colours mix together really well from the gold (number 1) to the darker green colour for the outer eye (number 2) and to blend these together both these brushes are essential.


Love Laura xxx


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