Thursday, 30 January 2014

Get Tousled hair with Loreal Matt & Messy Spray

Messy and Beach bouncy hair

Hi Beauties!

My hair is super straight and I have alot of hair so is quite heavy, hence the reason it doesn't hold curls or anything very easy.
Loreal has launched a new spray called Matt & Messy, shine free salt spray which gives a messy and tousled look.

I like the smell of the spray, it reminds me of being on the beach and when you put in your hair you can scrunch it to give a wavy, big volume effect.
I really like the wave and hugeness it gave my hair but makes it quite crispy in texture so will definitely need to wash my hair tomorrow.
Its available to buy at Boots for £3.75 for a 150ml round spray bottle.

Love Laura xxx


Laura said...

Your hair looks fab! I love the whole messy beachy hair- I'm quite blessed in that department because I have such fine hair which waves and goes generally a bit messy anyway but if I'm trying to enhance it, I like to use this salt spray by Tressemme. It doesn't leave you with that crispy texture like a lot of salt sprays do :)
Hope to speak soon.
Your newest follower,
Laura xx

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