Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Perfect your skin

Loreal Skin Perfection range

Hi Beauties!!

Hope you all had a fabulous festive period & enjoyed celebrating seeing in the New Year all over the World.
All I keep seeing on the TV is the Loreal skin perfection range & to tell you the truth with Cheryl Cole advertising it, just makes you want to run out and buy it if you've got the slightest chance of looking like her!
I've previously posted about the BB cream in the range which is great & I've also been using the Skin Perfecting advanced correcting serum & day moisturiser.

I've been using it for around 2-3 months now and my skin is fabulous, I've really been trying to take care of myself lately as I'm turning 30 next month!!
The texture is a lot smoother and my pores have diminished a great deal.  I use the serum every night after I've had a bath before I put my night cream on & use the moisturiser in the morning after I've cleansed my face, the consistency seems to be just right for my skin type and not too heavy which is very important as this can often make your skin worse if your using the wrong type of product.
I was drawn to the range where its pink anyway, but to be honest but am very impressed with the smoothness of my skin.

I can see in my photographs that I take of my Makeup looks that my skin has improved incredibly over the past few months. It doesn't break the budget either, the serum is £16.99 & moisturiser is £14.99 and available to buy at Boots.

My New Years Day Look

Love Laura xxx


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