Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Product of the Month... January

Shadow Shields

Hi Beauties!

I've been using these alot lately when creating and playing around with different Makeup looks, which I love doing all the time.
I've got into a habit of doing my face makeup first, concealer, foundation etc and have no idea why but Shadow shields are great because of this.

These half moon shaped soft sticky pads are a fantastic invention and are perfect for people who end up with their eyeshadow all over their face, which can quite often happen if you are creating a smokey eye.
Shadow shields are very soft and are self adhesive, they save time and a huge amount of time and mess, as you just stick  them on and once you've created your look, you just gently peel off with perfect makeup still intact.
They are also particularly useful if you want to perfect your straight edged eyeshadow or winged cat liner, as they can be positioned at an angle around the eye.
Only £7.50 for a pack of 30 & are available worldwide. In the UK these can be purchased at Cocktail Cosmetics.

Love Laura xxx


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