Sunday, 19 January 2014

Treat Dry and Irritated Skin with A-Derma

Soothe & moisturise dry skin with A-Derma Exomega range

Hi Beauties!

I've previously had dry, sore and irritated skin, a very slight case of Ezcema actually.
I've kind of grown out of it thank goodness so I can use all the beautiful bubble baths and creams.
You used to have to get awful emollients and solutions from your Doctor but now A-Derma has released the first dermo-cosmetic brand to use a natural, plant based ingredient, Rhealba Oat, that soothes irritated and damaged skin & also protects delicate skin.

I tested out 3 different products and highly recommend them to anyone that suffers from dry or very dry, ezcema prone skin.
The cleansing oil, emollient balm & cream are all fragrance free.
Out of them all the cleansing oil was my favourite, it is soap free yet lathers up and leaves your skin feeling so silky and soft.  It is priced at £10 for a 200ml bottle and available at Boots.

The emollient cream and balm is down to personal preference really but I prefered the cream, as the balm was a little more greasy, but a lovely range.
The cream is priced at £10.50 for 200ml and again available at Boots.

Love Laura xxx


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