Monday, 31 March 2014

Super cleansing & relaxing face mask by Amie

Amie Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask

Hi Beauties!

I'm always trying new scrubs. masks, creams etc and I've used this one quite a few times now & really like how clean it makes my skin feel after.
It purifies pores, combats oiliness & blemishes to give you clearer skin.
It is a thick white consistency and contains peppermint, white clay & lime butter.

When first applied to the skin, the peppermint is quite overpowering but is really refreshing and clears your sinuses whilst also working wonders on your skin.
Recommended to leave on for 10 minutes, this mask doesn't fully set so you can't move your face, which I personally don't like.

Once rinsed off my face feels super cleansed and just love the way it makes your skin feel.
Another great thing is where the mask is so thick it goes such a long way & I use it once a week so my skin doesn't dry out to much.

Available to purchase from Amie website for £5.95.

Love Laura xxx


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