Monday, 7 April 2014

My Top travel essentials

Products that I never travel without!

Hi Beauties,

Sorry I've been quiet for a week, I've had some important documents that needed dealing with & just haven't stopped, but all the hard work will definitely be worth it.
So as you all know I travelled to Australia recently & thought I would share with you, my top products that I take along with me where ever I go.

I try to get miniatures, where possible, specifically for airport restrictions. I will be shortly making a You tube tutorial on my flight skincare routine, so keep watch as this is crucial as your skin becomes so dehydrated & I always make sure I remove my makeup when flying.  All products are linked if you click on the individual names.
What products are your favourite to take away with you?

Nail file

Sisley express flower mask (super moisturising)
 Victorias Secret very sexy perfume

Macleans toothpaste
Elizabeth Arden eight hour skin cream (goes everywhere with me)

All of these featured are amazing beauty products, I take a few different SPF suncreams, because as my skin gets used to the heat and sun I like to decrease later in my holiday.

Each one that I took to Australia I really loved! The Ultrasun, was a creamy formula which had a beautiful glimmer in it, which made your body sparkle once out in the sun.

Lancaster sun beauty was a really nice milky formula, this was probably my favourite out of all 3 but the bottle become a bit of a problem towards the end of the spray as the nozzle wouldn't work properly.

I've always been a fan of oils, but would never start of my holiday with this as my skin would just fry so used it on my 3rd week once my skin was already tanned and used to the strength of the sun.

Do you have any particular suncare products you love?

Love Laura xxx


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