Sunday, 25 May 2014

New Radiant Body & Sun care oil spray by Clarins

Clarins SPF30 Dry Oil Sun Care Spray

Hi Beauties!

I've just got back from Florida and most days it was 30 degrees plus, so lovely and warm.
Clarins was launching their brand new sun oil spray in May and was lucky enough to try it out before it was launched.

The first thing that you notice when using the spray is the beautiful scent, a fruity mixture of mandarin, kiwi, mango, jasmine, sandalwood & amber make your skin smell so lovely whilst also stopping it from drying out and preventing signs of ageing & protecting from harmful UV rays.

Also doubling up as a protective hairspray to stop damage caused by the sun, and being a dry oil its enriched with nourishing plant extracts.
The texture is really nice as it doesn't leave your skin greasy at all, it actually makes it feel so soft.

Being a SPF30 will be a firm favourite of mine this summer, as come July I'll be in Dubai with extreme temperatures so this will definitely be travelling with me!

Available at stores nationwide or online (link above) priced at £19 for 150ml spray pump bottle.

Love Laura xxx


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