Saturday, 21 June 2014

Quick & fantastic looking Nails by Kiss and Nailene

Nails by Nailene & Kiss

Hi Beauties!

So my nails are in fact just rubbish, always have been and whatever I do and try never makes them any better.
They are really brittle and constantly break so stick on nails are amazing for me, I love the variety of designs they come in but just lately I've been using plain ones and painting them.
Nailene make a small pack like the one below, which I've managed to get 2 sets of nails out of, but they also do a large 200 pack and have just purchased these.

I painted this set with Desert Poppy Shellac, as it was a new colour I had just purchased so wanted to try it out, but normal varnish can also be used too and on each ring finger added Kiss Peplum Nail wraps, available for £5.99 from Amazon, which just added some sparkle and a little difference, which I like.
Small packs of Nailene tips are £4.49 in Boots or the large 200 set is only £8.49, which is amazing value for the amount you get.
They are made in either Oval or square shape so there's something for everyone, but I personally prefer oval nails on myself.

Love Laura xxx


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