Thursday, 26 June 2014

White Tea Moisturiser by Shiffa

Beautifully light & super hydrating Moisturiser by Shiffa

Hi Beauties!

I'm rather quiet at the moment but have a million things to do for the big move to Dubai, but I'm glad everything is almost finished and am due to leave in 3 weeks & can't wait!

Shiffa who is an award winning, natural, organic and holistic beauty range developed by dermatologist, Dr Lamees. A little while ago I received a package from Dubai & was very excited that I could try out a leading brand of the UAE, winning an award in 2005 Shiffa has established and has been making headlines ever since.

Packaged in a lovely box, straight away the product shows class. Aimed for normal to combination skin, the White Tea moisturiser is priced at £70 and available in the UK from Selfridges or online from Shiffa in Dubai for 495AED.

The extract of white tea helps to repair & Anti-oxidative green tea helps to defend against the visible signs of ageing.  Also containing Evening primrose oil to keep skin supple.
The Jojoba oil promotes healing of the skin with its antimicrobial properties & Hazel seed to cure beauty emergencies.Vitamin-rich carrot oil  regenerates and gives the skin a beautiful radiance.

The cream is very light and glides on the skin beautifully and only after a week of using I could feel my skin was much more smoother in appearance.

I'm so excited to be moving to Dubai as I would love to explore more of Shiffa's products, they have some really luxurious items and get to know the brand a little more.

Love Laura xxx


Katy said...

Oh hi! Shiffa's great. Love their oils and body creams. When are you moving over here?
get some insights in my blog and think twice :D it's
But it's not about beauty, beware ;)

Laura Lawson said...

Moving over mid July and can't wait! Yes love the moisturiser and looking forward to trying more of their products!

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