Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Beverly Hills Aesthetic & Medical Centre Launch in Dubai

Hi Beauties!

Last week I attended the launch of a new clinic here in Dubai, Beverly Hills Aesthetic & Medical Centre which has opened up in Jumeirah 2 & offers a complete range of safe medical & aesthetic procedures for hair, skin & body, & is available to both men & women.

The majority of procedures are non-invasive, using state of the art facilities & equipment from the USA.
A highly trained team of staff, including cosmetic dermatologists, surgeons, aesthetic therapists & dieticians were on hand at the clinic to show you round and talk through the procedures that the clinic offer.

Open from 9am till 9pm everyday apart from Fridays, treatments range from Clinical peels & pigmentation solutions, to full skin rejuvenation for premature ageing.
Also hair removal, skin tightening & body contouring are amongst the list for clients to take their pick from.

On the evening, a skin analysis was available and I was really keen to try this out as I've always been obsessed with my skin since I was a teenager, and I was super pleased to find out my obsession has paid off!
I've religiously cleansed, toned and used any other facial product I could get my hands on for around the last 15 years.

The machine was a large round, state of the art photography unit with 210 white LEDs inside.
I placed my chin on the facial holder & within a few seconds, it had captured a full analysis of my skin.
Then the professional dermatologist talked me through everything the machine recorded, which included my skintone, which was even, my pores, which I only had 2 slightly larger pores but again were good.
Wrinkles were also searched for, and being 30 I thought I would have quite a few developing but to my amazement I only had one very small one starting on my forehead & I had no spots on the whole of my face.
The picture below shows any sun damage on my face, which was surprisingly low too seen as I love the sun! (my lips had pigmentation colour in them, hence the dark outline)

I loved this procedure as showed the years of input to keeping my skin hydrated and well looked after has really paid off.
If you have any concerns with your results, the dermatologist talks you through the steps and treatments you can have at the clinic to battle the problems.

Why not take a visit to the clinic & pick up a pricelist!

Love Laura xxx


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