Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sephora Makeup Academy Palette

Hi Beauties!

When I first arrived in Dubai, my first trip was to Sephora of course & bought this amazing piece of kit.
It was initially released at the end of 2013 and can see why it's been so popular, costing 249aed, its value for money is amazing.

Containing over 130 products in total, including 72 eyeshadows, 28 lipglosses, 7 blushes, 18 eyeliners, 3 concealers, eyeshadow and lip primer, plus applicators shows why its such good value for money.
I often think large palettes like this are a waste of time as the quality is usually not as good due to trying to cram so many products in for the least amount of money, luckily this one isn't.

Pigmentation is high across all products, so all the eyeshadows give great coverage and the colours are beautiful. The lipglosses range in colour from nude to dark berry colours so there's definitely something for everyone.
I did my whole makeup (apart from foundation & mascara) with this, so is also a bonus for someone who doesn't want stacks full of makeup!

Love Laura xxx


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