Thursday, 2 October 2014

Christmas has arrived at Lush Stores

Hi Beauties!

Last week I attended a very christmassy event. Strange when outside its full beams of sunshine and 30 degrees plus!
But here in the UAE, Lush fresh handmade cosmetics launched there Christmas 2014 collection.
As soon as you entered the room the smell was amazing, just like all their stores.
Candy canes, christmas trees and snowmen decorated the room with your usual xmas songs in the background.

At each station a lush expert talked you through what was on offer and you could trial anything you wanted too.
There were way to many products that caught my eye to choose a favourite but the gift we received was fantastic and is featured in store too.
A large gift box called the 12 days of Christmas, which you open up and is almost like an advent calendar theme with 12 lovely bath treats inside.

Every single item from Lush is freshly handmade and the concept behind each product is thought out very carefully, I love all the different shapes, smells, glitters used and you would never be disappointed with the products.

All items are available either instore or from here on the Lush website

Love Laura xxx


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