Sunday, 26 October 2014

Eisenberg launched in the UAE- exclusive to Paris Gallery

Hi Beauties!

Last month saw the launch of elite french skincare and fragrance brand, Eisenberg.
The event held in The Dubai Mall and hosted by the CEO of Paris Gallery, the Marketing manager and Jose Eisenberg, the creator of the brand.

A secret formula that emerged out of years of research has catapulted the Eisenberg brand to dominate the skincare segment. Every woman dreams of having perfect skin, and a glowing, smooth, healthy complexion. The Trio-molecular® Formula and the targeted active ingredients of the Eisenberg formula promises to revitalise the skin’s essential functions to make it simply look younger and more beautiful from the very first use. A range of products for the face and body, to address the needs of dynamic men with instantly visible results, are also available.

In the media pack was a genrous gift of each fragrances from Eisennberg for Men, 'J'ose' and for Women,  'I am'
Both scents are really lovely and my husbands very impressed with his, he has been using the same aftershave for years so for him to try out and actually enjoy wearing a new one is something special!
Also is a elegant tube of 'Elixir De Jeunesse' which in english terms means, Anti-fatigue gel liftant, I think we all need this in our day and age.

It illuminates then skin and helps to combat the tired look of our skin. Whats evemn better is this fine gel has a tiny gold glitter effect to it, something which everyone knows I'm a fan of.

Eisenberg is available in Paris Galleries and definetly worth a purchase.

Love Laura xxx


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