Monday, 3 November 2014

Vitamins for kiddies by YaYa

Hi Beauties!

I usually don't talk about childrens things to be honest but I felt these are worth telling you all about if you have little ones!
A brand called Ya Ya vitamins have launched a vitamin range which mimmick sweets, and we all know our kiddies love sweets.
I've tried my 4 year old son with many different brands before and he's hated each and every one, but absolutely LOVES these and very happily takes them every morning.

I have the Multi-vitamin and also the Omega 3, but also available are Vitamin C with Zinc & Calcium options. They contain all the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for a child and are safe to take from aged 2 upwards.
Each chewable gummie shaped animal is gelatin free and available in 60 tablets.
Prices starts from 59aed and are available at leading Pharmacies across the region.

Love Laura xx


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