Monday, 29 December 2014

Dubai's Super Granny

Hi Beauties!

It's not very often I post about family things, but this is definitely worth shouting about.
Since moving to Dubai our son, Taylor who is 4, has become a little bit of a handful, but only to me!
It wasn't constantly but really started to get to me as he's always been such a good boy.  I had read about a super nanny that visits Dubai & thought I'd give it a go, what's to lose.

Andalene aka Super Granny, visits Dubai, from her hometown in South Africa several times a year for around 4-5 weeks at a time and holds talks plus home visits for all kinds of problematic behaviours such as eating, sleeping, tantrums etc.
As I wanted the 1-on-1 time to get the best of her knowledge, I immediately booked a home visit.
She comes to your house and spends 3 hours with you and your child, and within a few minutes of arriving she could see Taylor was speaking to me inappropriately.
Now I had blamed it on moving away, the change, starting school and other things but she said this is always the problem. When something like this happens the parents blame it on whatever has happened, but instead they haven't been as strict and become somewhat soft on their child because what they think he/she is going through.

This automatically made sense, and we started on rectifying it straight away.

I was truly atonished at the difference and respect Andalene had taught Taylor within the 3 hours, she was very lovely & the techniques were so simple too, but I just needed the help of a professional to point me in the right direction.

To this day now, he has only been in Time out a handful of times, he has his moments but I consider him to be a lovely little boy again and I can't thank her enough.

To find out more visit

Love Laura xxx


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