Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Frioul Bistro De Luxe

Hi Beauties!

Recently me and my family had a lovely lunch on the waterside at the new Frioul Bistro, located in Souk Madinat.
Beautifully furnished in crisp white and is actually very spacious inside, but we chose to sit outside where the weather is so lovely at the moment.
Opening around the same time as Pacha, which is situated above, my husband and I also took a visit there on the thursday beforehand and had a fantastic night.

I was a little worried what I would like on the menu, as being a french themed bistro, I am rather fussy but once I read through the menu I was surprised how much choice and I could of chose several dishes. We both went for a 3 course to really sample all the different flavours on offer.
For starters I had poached lobster, which was served with heirloom, tomatoes & peach salad. I've only eaten lobster a few times, but the pairings of each ingredient complimented each other very well.

My husband chose Sea bass with lemon, fennel & radishes. He said the taste was lovely, but was slightly put off as the Bass came out uncooked, he ate most of the dish but started to help himself to mine as he liked it so much!

As my husband was driving he only had soft drinks but thought I would try one of the many cocktails on offer, and went for a Frioul cup. A mixture of coconut rum, raspberry & pineapple flavours with a coconut rum foam on the top, this was delicious!

I knew straight away what I wanted for my main,  a Wagyu angus fillet steak. I really love steaks and enjoy them when I eat out, especially this one it was one of the nicest steaks I think I've had.
To most peoples disappointment, I have mine cooked very well done, it's just personal preference. But even though it was cooked thoroughly, it melted in my mouth and didn't have one bit of fat on it.
Hubby choose a shellfish & scallop risotto and said it was delicious and the fish in it was beautiful too.
We also added some sides to try out, my favourite was the pommes mousseline, a mashed potato which tasted like it had a butter or cream mixed in.  The haricot vert, cooked with red wine shallots were beautifully cooked also.
I ordered some petit pois peas but I wasn't too keen on this dish as it was mixed with lettuce leaves, just my personal preference though.

Our waiter was great, he was extremely friendly and helped us to pick out something for Taylor, as being 4 & a luxury eating establishment, they didn't have a childrens menu but he is a good eater & we went for sole goujons served with pomme frites.
I had a little try of both and they were delicious, especially the freshly made fries, & Taylor finished the lot. Considering it was an adult sized meal, I think he gives Frioul a thumbs up.

Now onto my favourite, dessert. By this point we were both quite full, but straight away we thought the Chouquettes with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream sounded perfect.
A generous serving of luxurious profiteroles came with a hot chocolate sauce to pour over.
The only one disappointment to the pudding was they had a custard type filling instead if cream, which I love. Still very nice though and between the 3 of us, we certainly finished off the lot.

If your looking for a peaceful & beautiful lunch or dinner, I would definitely recommend Frioul, as the setting is just stunning & food very impressive.


Love Laura xxx


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