Monday, 8 December 2014

Milk Peel at Beverly Hills Clinic Dubai

Hi Beauties!

It is now the perfect weather for a Milk Peel here in Dubai, as the weathers cooling down and the sun isn't as strong.
Now if you don't know what a Milk Peel is, like I didn't before I had the treatment, it is an optimal combination of 3 active ingredients (glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid).
The benefits are
-restores a radiant complexion.
-stimulates the epidermis.
-regulates oily skin and dilated pores .
-evens skin tone .
-boosts the action of daily cosmetics

It makes your skin look fantastic straight after the treatment and whats better is, its such a quick treatment you can pop in to have it in your lunchtime, as it's all done in 30 minutes.
Dr. Rehab that does the facial, is so lovely and what I like is she is very informative at every step of the procedure.

It starts by using a product called foamer15 to cleanse the skin, it removes any impurities and dead skin cells, then she applied the milk peel for only 90 seconds.
I always thought a acid peel would be painful as I never knew what to expect, but this is very gentle & great for all skin types, all I had was a slight sensation like my skin tingling.
Its on your skin for such a short time then is rinsed off with water and then was dried to apply K Ceutic, which helps to restore and also contains an SPF50 to protect the skin straight after the treatment.

Before the treatment

You can see the difference in my skin immediately, it looks fabulous!

Love Laura xxx


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