Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Glow Salon and Spa, Dubai

Hi Beauties!

I recently visited Glow salon which is located in Jumeirah, in Dubai.
Set in a traditional style local villa, as you walk in the hair salon is the first thing you notice with beautifully lit mirrors and the decor.
My first treatment was a 20 minute back massage which accompanies the Guinot deluxe hydradermielift facial.
Its known as one of the best facials ever and I definitely agree with this, using a state of the art machien to lift and tighten the skin in a non-surgical way but also using Guinot products to help cleanse, oxygenate and regenerate the skin, I think I spent virtually the whole time asleep it was so relaxing.
I honestly can say that my skin felt and looked amazing, I've had my fair few facials as its something I really enjoy and will be going back for more.

Next I relaxed for a luxury pedicure in a massage spa chair. I picked a beautiful neon orange Orly varnish to complete my pedi and was even brought some yummy turkish delight with a cup of tea!
My therapist was lovely and sat chatting to me, I would recommend Glow highly.

Love Laura xxx


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