Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Neutrogena Giveaway!

Show your skin some love!

February is all about love… Whilst you spend this month being considerate to the important people in your life, make sure you don’t forget about your skin!

As its getting closer to Valentines day, I've paired up with Neutrogena Middle East to give 2 lucky readers a Valentines goodie bag.
The prize is a full Neutrogena kit: cleanser (picked for your skin type), facial wipes, SFP, lip balm and hand cream.

Now all you have to do is take this short quiz below, on how you treat your skin and leave your answers in the comments box below and two winners will be picked at random by the brand...

Neutrogena ‘Do You Love Your Skin’ Quiz

Q1: Do you wash your face?
1. Without fail: every morning and every night.
2. I’m pretty good about keeping my face clean, but I have the occasional slip up, after a late night out.
3. Honestly, I’ve been careless and went to bed without washing my face many a time.

Q2: How often do you use sunscreen?
1. I’m very vigilant when it comes to sun exposure on my face, and I use SPF products daily.
2. I don’t use SPF daily on my face; but I always apply it if I spend time outdoors.
3. I don’t use SPF for my face; I only recently found out that SPF is important.

Q3: What does your daily beauty routine consists of?
1. Facial cleanser, toner, SPF, moisturiser for day, anti-aging serum and cream or oil for night time, eye cream.
2. Facial cleanser, daily moisturiser and anti-aging cream or oil, occasionally SPF.
3. Cleanser (a mix of soap, wipes, sometimes liquid cleanser) and face cream.

Q4: Do you pamper your skin - face masks, facials treatments and massages, at home or at a spa? How often?
1. Absolutely. I love pampering my skin. I have weekly masks at home and monthly facials and treatments at the spa.
2. I’m not very consistent, but I apply a face mask at home every 3-4 weeks, and treat myself to a professional facial a few times a year.
3. I don’t apply face masks very often; and I get professional facials only on special occasions.
Now that you have completed the quiz, calculate your score, by adding the numbers of the answers chosen.

Here are the results:

Score: 4 -5 points
Congratulations! You and your skin will live happily ever after. You truly love your skin and your skin will love you back! Just keep it up!

Score: 6 – 9 points
You probably love your skin, but you behave as if you had commitment issues! It’s time to face it: your skin is your true love!

Score 10 -12
Honestly, you’ve been a lousy girlfriend; if your skin could just pack up and leave you, it would! Improve your skincare routine today!

Competition closes Friday 20th February at 12pm & Open to GCC residents.
Good luck everyone!

Love Laura xxx


Manisha Lakhiani said...


Aiysha rasheed said...

My score is 9 and i totally agree with the above answer.

Aiysha rasheed said...

Hope to be among the lucky winners :)

S. Mohammed Ali said...

I scored 10 & definately agree :)
Wish to be lucky!

khushbu gandhi said...


Brona Torokova said...

1 - 3
2 - 1
3 - 3
4 - 3
oh ;-((

Faiza saud said...


Faiza saud said...


Helen Greenwood said...

Six here :)

emily4444 said...

1 1 1 2 !!!!!! wow didnt realise I was so good!

Cathy Rodrigues said...

Score 6
and i totally agree. I love my skin very much but i tend to ignore it at times.

Cathy Rodrigues

Joan Kubes said...

1 2 1 3

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