Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tips and Toes Dubai

Hi Beauties!

I visited Tips and Toes the day before my birthday for a relaxation treat. I visit spa's relatively often as I find I need a pedicure much more often that back at home, probably due to wearing open shoes constantly so need my toes done every 2-3 weeks.
Most places I go to are nice but I would say Tips and Toes has been the most beautiful so far.
I visited the Al Barsha branch, but there are many around the city to go to. As I walked into reception, I was greeted by a large desk with some lovely ladies to greet me, then a button was pressed and a screen slowly came back to reveal an oriental style spa.
The walkway had a relaxing ambient lighting that lead you to a beautiful waiting area, with beds for lounging on before you start your treatments.
I had 3 treatments in total a thai herbal compress massage, which was an hour and half of pure bliss. A warm herbal compress with scents of aromotherapy is used in conjunction with traditional massage techniques and used to relax and give a detoxifying and purifying treatment for your body.
It seemed to last forever and was amazing.

Then I went onto another room for a luminious C and sea lift-off facial mask treatment.
It lasted a total of an hour and I was so relaxed from the massage, I think I slept through half of it!
The facial combines the high potency of Vitamin C with a stimulating freeze-dried seaweed, rendering skin firmer, brighter, and velvety-soft skin.
My skin seemed to glow once finished, and also it seems to be less dull as the combination really brightens the tone.

My last treatment was an almond pedicure, so I went into another part of the spa, where there was a number of pedicure stations and ladies also enjoying treatments.
The chairs are all facing in towards each other, which personally I wasn't overly keen on but the previous luxurious 3 hours made up for that!
A huge array of colours were avaliable & I choose a pastel pink shade, seen as its spring.
My feet have become so dry since moving here so I opted for a pedicure that has a almond treatment, in which a moisturising almond scrub is applied to your feet and lower legs, then wrapped in a hot towel for nearly 10 minutes to really soak in and leave the skin silky soft.

I really enjoyed the visit and would highly recommend Tips and Toes, I think next time I will try a different massage as out of all beauty services, its what I love the most.

Love Laura xxx


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