Sunday, 26 April 2015

How to have the most AMAZING lashes ever!

Hi Beauties!

So I've always had rubbish short lashes, I used to apply extensions on myself for over a year which made them so much worse too as they stump the growth of the lashes and if you sit and pick the extensions, this also makes them worse too!

Unfortunately my computer wiped all my pictures a while ago and I don't have many clear pictures of before I started with Neu Lash but you can really see the massive difference there is.
Its totally amazing, you apply the serum along the lash line each night before you go to bed and I think if you give it a full month, you will be amazed!
I bought mine from Salon Ink which is located in Beach park plaza in Jumeriah and costs 501aed for a 3ml tube, which lasted me a lengthy amount of time as you only use a small amount on each application

Several people have asked if I'm wearing lashes as they are so long and thick.




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