Friday, 10 April 2015

Kiss Gel Polish

HI Beauties!

As some of you may know,  I'm a trained nail technician and have been for 10 years now and when Kiss asked if I would like to try their newly-launched gel polish I was quite intrigued as I usually always use Gelish and have done for years.

A complete kit with LED curing lamp, a pink gel polish, file and cleansing gel can be purchased for 339aed which is great and then you can purchase different colours for 52aed per bottle.
I prepped my nails and loved how easy and compact the lamp is to use, especially if you aren't trained. It comes with full instructions of what to do, and the finish and look of the gel is fab too.

Now my nails don't hold gel very well, never have. I longest time I've ever had a gel polish on for is 1 week and most of my clients were always 2-3 weeks.
This was exactly the same it only lasted a few days actually, so I really can't say it was better than any other brand as personally Gel polish doesn't stay well on my nails anyway, but I always think...
Well it's better than the 1 day that varnish lasts for!!

It's worth a try and is a bargain for a gel set with 1 polish included though. Kiss products can be purchased at Spinneys stores nationwide.

Love Laura xxx


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