Sunday, 12 April 2015

The new Must have product.... Fillerina

Hi Beauties!

 A new revolutionary product was launched here in the UAE very recently and I have just tried it out.
I've just turned 31 and have never tried Botox and always said I wouldn't till quite a few years time, so something that can give similar results and is non-invasive was music to my ears!

The first dermo-cosmetic, non-invasive filler that you can use at home and does not require under the skin injections! Knowing that I was straight away intrigued, and also curious to whether it would actually work.

The gel is a mixture of six hyaluronic acid molecules of varying molecular weights and sizes that are especially effective at penetrating the layers of the skin and allowing tissues to be filled in and plumped up.It also features a syringe with a Patented graduated cosmetic precision applicator with truncated tip.
In the sample pack I was given was a syringe with enough for one application. You can either apply morning or night and need to dispense the product on the area you wish to treat.
Majority of lines and where people have botox is on the forehead to treat lines and this was the place I choose.

I put the product directly onto the lines and left to soak in for 10 minutes, then you are directed to use the palm of your hand to 'pat in' any remaining product, but specifially tells you not to massage or rub in the Fillerina.

I choose to try it out at night, as I figured if I applied just before bed time then left it to soak into the skin overnight it would have maximum impact.
I could automatically see a difference within 15 minutes and took before and after pictures, so you can see for yourselves how much the lines faded, within one application.
You then apply the nourishing film which helps to keep the area supple and moisturised too, but I am really amazed and am going to buy a full pack to use.

The treatment is recommended for 14 applications and should last you 3-4 months with prices starting at 499aed.
Fillerina is available in all leading pharmacies.

Can you see the amazing difference in the depth of the lines just with ONE application!

Love Laura xxx


Molan Parker said...

I am not so impressed by Fillerina’s results as shown by your pictures. In my opinion botox is a better option for the frown lines treatment.

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