Monday, 25 May 2015

Dermastamp facial

Hi Beauties!

I recently visited a the American Academy of cosmetic surgery hospital for a treatment called a Dermastamp facial.
I wasn't sure what to expect at first and my therapist talked me through the steps.
The establishment was very lovely and came across as a high-end hospital which offers a vast array of procedures as well as your general beauty treatments.

As always with facials, my makeup was removed, and cleansed and toned to remove any dirt or impurities and get the skin ready for the stamping.
A small rectangle stick with very small needles on the tip is gently pushed into the face, the lady said some people complain about pain on the forehead but my most sensitive area was across the cheeks and nose area.

Once the first step was completed, a little EMLA cream was applied to help but to be honest I thought it was bareable and then the therapist carried on with the 2nd lot of stamping.
It almost feels like a tingling sensation on the face and just felt a little heat around the cheek area, like I said.

After this a Vitamin C setting mask was applied to nourish and re-energise the skin and left on for 15 minutes, then finished off with a serum containing 50 sunscreen, due to the strength of the sun here and the nature of the facial. My face was left a little red in places after, but soon disappeared around an hour after.

A week on and my skin looks amazing, its really glowing as the procedure almost makes your body think the face is going through a trauma where the needles slightly penetrate the skins surface, so you produce more collagen and your skin looks fresher and just generally fantastic.
There is no limit to how many times you can have this in a month and I would probably have 2 a month to really get the full benefit.

Love Laura xxx


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