Saturday, 2 May 2015

Isadora Cosmetics at Paris Gallery

Hi Beauties!

Paris Gallery kindly sent me a selection of Isadora makeup to try out, which was new in stores a little while ago.
The selection was a good mix to be able to do a full makeup look and I choose to do a daytime look, with focus on the eyes.
I wasn't too keen on the eyeshadow as it wasn't as highly pigmented as I like, mainly because I'm used to using ones that you only need a small amount and the colour is very noticeable and also the  mascara, but you all know I'm extremely fussy with my brush types.

I loved all the other products and have been using the foundation and brow kit almost on a daily basis. The foundation is nude sensation fluid foundation and is fabulous, it gives a matt finish and covers the skin to make it look flawless.
I put the black eye pencil in to my kit as it has good black pigment to it, so you only slightly touch the pencil on the eye and gives fantastic coverage.

The lip pencil is a chunky nude colour and as well as giving a great shade to the lips, it also provides a lovely shine to the lip.
Overall I would definetly try more of the range as I love the foundation.

Love Laura xxx


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